Volume magnetic susceptibility of sediments from the Piedra Buena contourite terrace

Published: 10 May 2024| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/hn4wj9p4xg.1
Dmitrii Borisov, Elena Ivanova


Bulk sediment samples packed in the plastic Chemplex XRF sample cups (cores AI-3327, AI-3329, AI-3443) were subjected to the magnetic susceptibility (MS) measurements using the Bartington MS3 system with the Bartington MS2E surface sensor. The sensor was mounted in a vertical position on the specially designed and 3D-printed plastic stand. MS of sediments in cores AI-3441 and AI-3442 were measured with 0.5 cm down-core resolution using the GEOTEK MSCL-XYZ core workstation equipped with the same Bartington system. Split-cores were covered with Chemplex Prolene 416 film - 4.0μm. step (downcore resolution): 0.5 cm; measurement time - 1 second; zero (in air) measurment - after each sample measurement; The location, depth and length of the studied cores are given in List_of_cores_MS.txt The authors thank Petr Perfilov for his help with sample preparation and measurements.



Sedimentology, Magnetic Susceptibility