Effect of processing technology and sugarcane variety on the quality properties of non-centrifugal sugar

Published: 09-10-2019| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/hn6hh2h7wd.1


This data content the data about physicochemical, microbiological properties on non-centrifugal sugar (muscovado sugar (Japan), jiggery (the Philippines), gur (India), panela (Colombia, Peru), chancaca (Honduras), rapadura (Brazil), and piloncillo (Costa Rica)), produced from two different sugar cane varieties and two different technologies. The hypothesis was to determine if the technology of processing, variety or its interaction afect the quality of final product. Sugar content is not presented as this parameters must reache certain values, so this is not a discriminant parameter, despite its importance in panela quality


Steps to reproduce

The sugarcane varieties selected for this work were RD7511 and CC8475, grown in the most important producers panela regions from Colombia. The two technologies evaluated were also the most commun production facilities used in Colombia for panela production.