Identification of Cuproptosis Related MiRNAs In Triple-negative Breast Cancer And Analysis Of MiRNA-mRNA Regulatory Network

Published: 21 December 2023| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/hnb38k7cfx.1
yitao wang


The scores of CRGs were calculated for TNBC patients in the TCGA-TNBC dataset based on the expression of CRGs (Supplementary table 1). TNBC patients in two risk groups had significant differences in oxidative phosphorylation, DNA repair, glycolysis and other functions (Supplementary Table 2). It was found that there had significant differences in EC, AZ and IPS between two risk groups (Supplementary Table 3). Figure1. Expression and mutation of CRGs in TNBC. Figure2. DEGs and miRNA. Figure3. Screening of prognostic miRNA signature in TNBC. Figure4. Enrichment analysis and miRNA-mRNA regulatory network. Figure5. Screening of biomarkers. Figure7. Independent prognostic analysis of risk model. Figure8. Functional enrichment analysis and immune infiltration analysis. Figure9. Significance of riskScore in predicting response to immunotherapy and common chemotherap. Figure10. Expression of cell subtypes and prognostic genes in TNBC. Figure11. Analysis of cell subtypes and prognostic factors in TNBC.