Adding virtual objects to Apollo lunar photos

Published: 31 March 2023| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/hncf8fr7rr.2
Vladislav-Veniamin Pustynski


This dataset provides a computer code that enables the addition of virtual objects, such as stars, to Apollo lunar photos taken during missions from Apollo 11 to 14. It includes all required data files, along with a comprehensive guide and sample images. The calculations are based on 3D photogrammetric models of the landing sites that I have created. A peer-reviewed article describing the mathematical foundations of the algorithm is currently in progress. For further information, please refer to the readme.docx file.


Steps to reproduce

This process uses photogrammetric models of the Apollo landing site and geometric relations to project virtual points in the 3D space of the landing site onto individual photos taken by the astronauts.


Tallinna Tehnikaulikool Kuberneetika Instituut


Astronomy, Computer Graphics, Digital Photogrammetry, Moon