Supplementary Material for Data in Brief article on Titan Tumbler

Published: 19 January 2021| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/hnnmw6ygf3.1
Anthony Maue


Supplementary Material for Data in Brief (DiB) article "Sieved mass and shape data from simulated fluvial transport of icy clasts in the Titan Tumbler". Dataset includes CSV files reporting clast mass and roundness at each timestep, JPG images of clasts at each timestep, CSV files of the tables in the DiB article, videos of the tumbler in action, and the MATLAB code used to compute roundness indices. Data were collected in two different barrels regulated at three different temperatures. Ice clasts had initial variation in number, size, shape, and ice type. See Maue et al., 2021 (DiB).


Steps to reproduce

See Maue et al. 2021 (Data in Brief).


Northern Arizona University, University of Tennessee, Colgate University


Sedimentology, Sedimentation, Abrasion, Fluvial Process, Ice, Sediment Analysis, Planetary Geology