Low et al. (2021) Dynamic and reversible remapping of network representations in an unchanging environment. Neuron

Published: 19 January 2022| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/hntn6m2pgk.1


Data included in Low et al. (2021) Neuron. Data are numpy arrays labeled by mouse and session ID. Final piece of file name indicates the data identity: behavior : behavioral variables by observation - position, speed, trial, time; shape (n_observations, 4) MEC_cellIDs : cell ID for each MEC neuron; order matches MEC_FRtensor and MEC_spikes MEC_spikes : spike count per observation for each cell; shape (n_obs, n_cells) MEC_FRtensor : normalized firing rate by 5cm position bins by trial for each cell; shape (n_trials, n_pos_bins, n_cells) MEC_idx : bool; if included, indicates that the recording probe re-exited MEC on that session; use to filter MEC_cellIDs, MEC_spikes, and MEC_FRtensor; shape (n_cells,)


Steps to reproduce

Data were collected using Neuropixels recording probes and a virtual reality linear track environment. Methodological details can be found in the STAR Methods section of Low et al. (2021), Neuron.


Stanford University