Dataset RCT: art therapy for anxiety in women

Published: 29 September 2019| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/hnvdvbrcx9.2
Annemarie Abbing


Outcomes of a RCT with 30 women in art therapy group (AT) and 29 women in waiting list condition (WL). T1: pre-test (AT and WL) T2: post-test after three months therapy (AT) / three months wait time (WL) T3: follow-up after three month s (AT) / post-test after three months therapy (WL) Outcomes at T1/T2/T3: * Screening: 4DSQ (distress, depression, anxiety, somatization) * Anxiety symptom severity: LWASQ * Quality of life: MANSA * Emotion regulation: DERS * Executive Functioning: BRIEF-A Outcomes at T1/T2: * Performance based EF: the Amsterdam Neuropsychological Tasks (ANT) * Heart rate and HRV: measured with a psychophysiological protocol (baseline-stress-cool down)



Anxiety, Anxiety Disorder, Art Therapy