Introduction to Jugaad in Architecture by Vikas Kumar

Published: 4 July 2024| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/hr52cczgtp.1
Vikas Kumar


This dataset supports the study “Exploring Jugaad in Architecture,” which examines how Jugaad—a form of frugal and improvisational innovation—is applied to architectural practices in resource-limited settings. The dataset is organized into three appendices: Appendix A: Excerpts from Scholarly Works Contains selected excerpts from relevant literature on Jugaad, providing context and insights into the theoretical and practical applications of Jugaad. Appendix B: Identified Themes and Codes through Thematic Analysis Details the nine key themes and codes identified through thematic analysis of the literature, along with illustrative quotes, capturing the qualitative aspects of Jugaad in architecture. Appendix C: Evaluation of Instances of Jugaad in Architecture Against Key Aspects Presents a systematic evaluation of ten architectural instances of Jugaad, assessed against the nine key aspects from Appendix B, highlighting practical applications and divergences. The dataset offers a structured framework for understanding and applying Jugaad in architecture, valuable for researchers and practitioners.



Architecture, Architecture Management