Predicting Tie Strength with Ego Network Structures

Published: 15 October 2020| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/hr9tjzj72v.2
Simon Stolz,


This repository contains 41 anonymized Facebook ego networks used in Stolz and Schlereth "Predicting Tie Strength with Ego Network Structures" in Journal of Interactive Marketing (forthcoming). The Facebook ego network data was extracted in combination with a survey. The survey asked users about who they perceived as their closest friends, and who they had recently interacted with on the platform. Furthermore, the data contains a binary matching based on Facebook attributes of ego and alter to assess the similarity of users. These dyad-level binary attributes are stored as csv file. All 41 ego networks are stored as graphml files, named by the identifier of the user (i.e., ego) they belong to. Additionally, the first author's "seed" network is saved separately (without attributes), intended for replication of the sampled perspective. For anonymization, all Facebook identifiers were replaced by independent numeric identifiers.



Marketing, Social Network Analysis, Social Networks