Power Transformer Risk Assessment - Inference Rules, membership functions and Case Study Data

Published: 17 March 2022| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/hs9dfc7g6t.2
Andres Romero


Version: 2.0 Date of Release: 16/03/2022 Associated publication: R.D. Medina, D.A. Zaldivar, A.A. Romero, J. Zuñiga, and E.E. Mombello "A Fuzzy Inference-based Approach for Estimating Power Transformers Risk Index" This directory contains the following datasets and supplementary materials: TransformerData.xlsx: Excel file containing the information of the 15 power transformer units necessary for the calculation of the health index, factor of consequence and risk index. FIS-RI.pdf: This dataset includes the fuzzy inference rules created for three FIS that allow determining: • the consequence factor of the failure of power transformer, • the health index of a power transformer, and • the risk index of a power transformer. These rules should be used as a reference of the associated publication. Further, it includes the boundaries of each membership function to allow replicate the study case of the paper.


Steps to reproduce

The inference rules and the membership functions reported in the pdf file can be implemented in matlab (using the fuzzy logic toolbox) or in python (using the fuzzy-logic-toolbox library, see: https://pypi.org/project/fuzzy-logic-toolbox/). More details can be found in the article: A Fuzzy Inference-based Approach for Estimating Power Transformers Risk Index


Universidad Nacional de San Juan


Fuzzy Logic, Health, Power Transformer, Risk, Asset Management