Diagnosis and Impact of Migraine among the students of Chandigarh university: An Observational Study

Published: 14 May 2024| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/hsgzz6zd4z.1
Anjali .,


The study titled "Diagnosis and Impact of Migraine among the Students of Chandigarh University: A Cross-sectional Observational Study" aims to investigate the prevalence, diagnosis, and impact of migraine headaches among students at Chandigarh University.


Steps to reproduce

The data was collected using google forms, which allowed for easy distribution and collection of responses among students of Chandigarh university. The survey included Questions derived from ID Migraine Questionnaire to identify migraine sufferers and assess their symptoms. The ID Migraine questionnaire consists of three yes/no questions designed to screen for Migraine and the MIDAS questionnaire was used to assess the impact of Migraine on the students daily activities and functioning. The google form survey link was distributed to students of Chandigarh university via university email, social media and student forums to reach a diverse sample of student population.


Chandigarh University


Neurology, Migraine, Headache