Data for: Use of event-related potentials to assess visual–auditory multisensory information in the decision-making processes related to fast-consuming behavior

Published: 18 September 2023| Version 6 | DOI: 10.17632/ht5dnfgdsk.6
Zhepeng Rui,


- The allerpdata folder contain the event-related potential data. - The buying products anonymous excel shows up the buying data. - The feedback data shows up the behavior data. - The pre-experimental results anonymous data show up the offline questionnaire results before the actual experiment started. - The pre-experimental stimuli folder contains six stimuli to test the match between visual animation and sound effects design. - The 'standard and deviant stimuli' film contains the example MMN stimuli in the paper in terms of VSSB (visual standard sound beep), VASB (visual animation sound beep), VASE (visual animation sound effect), VSNS (visual standard no sound) and VANS (visual animation no sound). The sound effect was from the royalty-free sound effect website: The original sound effect URL is: It is under zero license based on the licenses in the Freesound statement. The visual animation style was based on the professional UX animation guide from the Taras Skytskyi website article - The ultimate guide to proper use of animation in UX. We learned the animation called 'Diagonal appearance for the tabular view of cards.' The corresponding website URL is We hope the information above is helpful for researchers to replicate the study. - The Stage3_VASE.mp4 file was one of four videos in Stage 3, and VASE was the most promotional in our study result, so we chose to attach it as the representation for further replication. The other two VASB and VANS videos either with the same animation on sound beep or off. VSNS video does not contain any visual animation or sound effects. - MUT_and_FMUT_anonymous folder shows the cluster data for the erp analysis



Shanghai Jiao Tong University


Marketing, Consumption, Animation, Event-Related Potential, Sound, User Experience