Smartphone Addiction and Prevalence of Text Neck Syndrome among Students

Published: 23 April 2024| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/ht9hj73txw.1
kritika chawla,


Smartphone Addiction and Prevalence of Text Neck Syndrome. The increased use of smartphones among college students has raised concerns about potential health implications, particularly regarding musculoskeletal issues such as text neck syndrome. This study aims to investigate the relationship between smartphone addiction and the prevalence of text neck syndrome among students. A survey questionnaire, adapted from validated scales, was administered to a sample of 340 students to assess smartphone addiction levels and frequency of smartphone use. Statistical analysis revealed a significant positive correlation between smartphone addiction scores and the incidence of text neck syndrome among students. Moreover, the study found that students with higher levels of smartphone addiction reported experiencing more severe symptoms of text neck syndrome, including neck pain, stiffness, and decreased range of motion. These findings underscore the detrimental effects of excessive smartphone use on musculoskeletal health, particularly among students. Addressing smartphone addiction and promoting ergonomic practices may help mitigate the prevalence and severity of text neck syndrome in this population. Future research should explore additional factors contributing to smartphone addiction and evaluate the effectiveness of interventions aimed at reducing text neck syndrome among students.



Maharishi Markandeshwar Institute of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation


Neck, Smartphone