Progammable Autonomous Water Sampler - PAWS

Published: 13 September 2022| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/htkn8ky6zz.1


Water chemistry conditions in freshwater and marine environments can change rapidly over both space and time. This is especially true in environments that are exposed to anthropogenic impacts such as sedimentation, sewage, runoff and other types of pollution. It is critical in studying these systems that researchers have tools capable of accurately collecting water samples across relevant spatial and temporal scales. Here we present an inexpensive, open-source Programmable Autonomous Water Sampler (PAWS) that is open source, compact, robust, highly adaptable and submersible to 40 meters. PAWS utilizes a time-integrated sampling approach by collecting a single sample in a syringe slowly over hours to days. Once analyzed, data from the sample collected represents and integrated average of water chemistry conditions over time. Due to its adaptability and low cost, PAWS has the potential to vastly improve the spatial and temporal coverage of many freshwater and marine studies.



University of California Santa Barbara


Engineering, Water, Coastal Waters, Sampling, Freshwater



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UC Santa Barbara Coastal Fund