*Raw Data-Full Variables-Emotional Awareness and Internalizing Problems: Associations and State-Trait Differences among Adolescents

Published: 23 February 2021| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/htrnx5hk4b.1
Yasaman Ghafaryanshirazi


1. Raw Data in Spss-all variables In the Spss file, you can find the scores of 68 students (12 years old; Female = 34, Male = 34 ) originally from an intervention study. Student's emotional awareness (EA) and Internalizing problems (IP) score measured at Time1 and one month later at Time 2. For measuring EA, the level of emotional awareness scale (LEAS-C) and for measuring IP, the Strength and Difficulty questionnaire is used. The internalizing problems score obtained by summing up the emotional and peer problem scales. 2. R-script for the Cross-Lagged Panel Model (CLPM) and two-factor latent model using Lavaan package (Rosseel, 2012)



Tampereen Yliopisto - Kaupin Kampus


Clinical Psychology, Child Psychology, Emotional Detachment