Image dataset benthic foraminifera assemblage in multicorer and core sediments from northwestern United Kingdom slope (North Atlantic Ocean)

Published: 29 April 2022| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/htv6hwrrjd.2
Liubov kireenko


Modern studies of the seas and oceans often include the study of benthic foraminifera as the most reliable indicators for paleooceanological reconstructions. A short life cycle, the ability to react quickly to environmental changes and preferences for certain conditions allow the use of foraminifera complexes as indicators of various factors and environmental changes. The article presents an image dataset of benthic foraminifera assemblage in sediment of multicorer AMK-5656 selected during the 71st cruise of the research vessel Akademic Mstislav Keldysh in summer 2018 from the northwestern United Kingdom slope.



Micropaleontology, Benthic Community, Marine Geology