Data for: Religious faith, academic stress, and instrumental drug use in a sample of Western-African University students

Published: 31 July 2018| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/hvvfwmbrpd.1
Wanja Wolff, Sandra Asantewaa Boama


Note: In order to execute the uploaded scripts on the respective files, working directories, specific path names and file names need to be adapted to the users computer. Note: If both scripts are executed then missing data will be imputed again. This should not alter the results in a meaningful way, but some decimals in the quasi-poisson regression results might change. Raw data: R-Script for preparing datasets for analysis and imputation of missing values: 2018_07_05_NE in Ghana_preparations_multImp_UPLOAD.R dataset for quasi-poisson regression results: 2018_07_05_NE_Ghana_aggregated_im_UPLOAD.csv dataset for creating DI heatmap: 2018_07_05_NE_Ghana_DI_UPLOAD.csv R-Script for producing FIgures and statistical results reported in the paper: 2018_07_05_NE in Ghana_analyses_multimp_UPLOAD.r



Psychology, Substance of Abuse