Effects of Dating Anxiety on Self-esteem and Subjective Well-being

Published: 16 September 2022| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/hw46n5cpw7.2
Niharika Y,
Davidson Sudalaimuthu


This study is aimed at exploring the effects of dating anxiety on self-esteem and subjective well-being, in males and females aged between 19 to 30 years, Bangalore, Karnataka, India. The sample was determined by Convenience sampling method. “Dating Anxiety Scale”, “Rosenberg Self Esteem Scale”, “PANAS”, and “Satisfaction with Life Scale” were used for the collection of the data. In addition to descriptive statistics, correlational analysis techniques were used to analyze the data. As per the result of research; it was determined that dating anxiety has significant weak positive correlation with negative affect, and has significant weak negative correlation with positive affect, life satisfaction and self-esteem.


Steps to reproduce

The data was gather through a survey questionnaire, which was created using Google Forms. It was sent out to acquaintances who were requested to further invite people they know. The invitation link was sent through social media platforms like WhatsApp, Instagram, and Telegram. Detailed instructions and consent form were explained and included in the Google Form before the participants could access the questionnaires. Convenience sampling method was used in attempt to recruit a heterogenous sample. The survey included “Dating Anxiety Scale”, “Rosenberg Self Esteem Scale”, “PANAS”, and “Satisfaction with Life Scale” questionnaires. For the "Dating Anxiety Scale", permission was obtained from the author through e-mail. After collecting the data through Google Form responses, statistical analysis was carried out using the Statistical Package for the Social Sciences (SPSS) version 27.0. Descriptive analysis like mean, and standard deviation were used to describe the variables. The analysis of correlation between the variable was conducted using Pearson’s Correlation Analysis.


Sampurna Montfort College


Well-Being, Self-Esteem, Dating, Life Satisfaction, Positive Psychology