Online Trajectory Generation With Minimum Acceleration and Optimal Synchronization Time

Published: 23 June 2019| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/hw97tky53j.2
mingli wang


In the following data, the TCPDrawsaRectangle1.csv shows that the V-REP simulation with a lab-developed robot, draw a rectangle at the tool center point of the robot without external interference. Under a trigger of the sensor, the TCP of the robot can be smoothly transitioned under the trigger of the sensor. The Timesync.csv is the raw data for time synchronization track. The MinimumPeakAcceleration.csv is the raw data for time synchronization track after the acceleration peak optimization. And collisionAvoid.csv is the raw data get from V-REP by simulating obstacle avoidance for a lab-developed robot.



Tianjin University


Online Algorithm