Stradivari harp tree ring data

Published: 20 April 2022| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/hwfg44dfby.2
Mauro Bernabei,


The tree ring data were collected on the soundboard of the Stradivari harp. They are in Heidelberg format (*.fh). The Format Heidelberg is a text based file format that was introduced by Frank Rinn with his TSAP software. Format Heidelberg files may contain one or more records. Each record consists of a header and ring width data.


Steps to reproduce

The three tree-ring series were obtained from the soundboard of the Stradivari harp: one on the left (LX), one in the centre (CX) and one on the right side (RX). LX and RX were collected by the VTT, the Video Time Table, which is an instrument that combines a portable measuring device and a digital, high-resolution video camera. The device has the following advantages: - The tree rings can be measured on site; - The measurements are not invasive; - The correctness of the measurements can be checked immediately. The central part of the soundboard, where the use of VTT was hampered by the strings, was sampled by photographs.


Istituto per la BioEconomia Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche Sede di San Michele all'Adige


Art-Historical Dendrochronology