DOE MARCUS Campaign Model Simulations by E3SMv1 and EMC2

Published: 27 April 2023| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/hwmnnmmjcd.1


The two datasets in this repository contain the results of the E3SMv1 simulation and the EMC2 instrument simulator results in NetCDF format. These results were used to compare with MARCUS remote sensing observations in the Desai et al. (2023) paper entitled "Ship-based Observations and Climate Model Simulation of Cloud Phase over the Southern Ocean". E3SMv1: The file contains the E3SMv1 results for the entire MARCUS campaign from 2017_10_30 to 2018_03_23 in one file. It also contains all the relevant variables such as CLDICE, CLDLIQ, RAINQM, SNOWQM which were used to obtain cloud ice, liq, rain and snow respectively. The file contains the same E3Smv1 simulation but with the Hallett Mossop term increased by 100 times. EMC2: The folder contains the simulator results for each day of the campaign from 2017_10_30 to 2018_03_23. Each file contains variables such as phase_mask_HSRL_all_hyd and phase_mask_WACR_sounding_all_hyd which were used to obtain lidar and radar phase respectively from the simulator results for each day.



San Jose State University, Texas A&M University Department of Atmospheric Sciences, Pennsylvania State University


Atmospheric Physics, Cloud Physics