Performance Data of a SWRO arising from Wave Powered Desalinisation

Published: 6 July 2023| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/hws49dsfvc.1
Carwyn Frost


Data Context – The data repository contains the processed datasets generated during the experimental testing of the SWRO membrane using the experimental setup and variables described and presented in this paper. Data Creation – The data was created from a series of experiments spanning 2022. The controlled and measured variables include; Feed flow (L/min), Brine flow (L/min) , Feed pressure (Bar), Brine Pressure (Bar), Permeate flow (L/min), Permeate salinity (ppm), Brine salinity (ppm), Temp (degree C), Perecentage recovery (%), Salt rejection (%). Four Excel Workbooks are provided as per Table 6. Table 6: Data repository file names and brief description. File Name: Description of Data: Fig 3 (a) [PNG] Schematic of the experimental set up Fig 3 (b) [JPEG] Physical setup as used in the laboratory Membrane_integrity [.xlsx] Three spreadsheets with the SWRO membrane performance during steady operating conditions when new, after sinusoidal experiments and after rectified sinusoidal experiments. Rectified_sinusoidal [.xlsx] One spreadsheet with the SWRO membrane performance for variable rectified sinusoidal periods ranging from 7.5- 30s at feed flows of 6 L/min – 10 L/min. Sinusoidal [.xlsx] Three spreadsheets with the SWRO membrane performance at 8, 10 and 12 L/min variable feed flow, oscillating by 1-3 L/min and sinusoidal periods of 7.5s-30s. Steady_Flow [.xlsx] Three spreadsheets with the SWRO membrane performance during steady operating conditions. Spreadsheets provide all values, constant flow scenarios (feed flow is maintained constant and feed pressure is varied between each test) and constant pressure scenarios (feed pressure is maintained constant and feed flow is varied between experiments. . Data Processing – The results presented are processed results and comprise of a time average 5 minute period once stability has been achieved through the system.



Queen's University Belfast Queen's University Marine Laboratory


Reverse Osmosis, Wave Power, Desalination


SuperGen UK Centre for Marine Energy Research