Sentiment Analysis Dataset of the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque’s Visitor Reviews on Google Maps

Published: 29 April 2024| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/hxbbfwtygn.1


The dataset was taken from Google Maps user reviews at the URL The dataset is in the form of three excel files with the names original_dataset, cleaned_data and labeled_data. The original dataset amounted to 2743 reviews then after preprocessing the data became 2643 reviews. then the data is processed and labeled.


Steps to reproduce

The original_dataset file is user review data from Google Maps and consists of just one column, namely text_reviews. The cleaned_data file is the result of preprocessing user reviews from the original_dataset file with the final results translated into English. The cleaned_data file consists of three columns, namely text_reviews, text_cleaning and text_trans. The labeled_data file is the result of sentiment classification using VADER. This labeled_data file consists of nine columns, namely text_reviews, text_cleaning, text_trans, polarity_score, neg, neu, pos, compound, and sentiment_predicted.


Universitas Ahmad Dahlan Fakultas Teknologi Industri


Text Mining, Sentiment Analysis