Acoustic Signal Dataset: Tall Coconut Fruit Species

Published: 8 November 2022| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/hxh8kd3snj.1
, Shiela Cabahug, Mary Rose Catamco, Paul Elyson Villaceran, Leizel Cosgafa, Karl Norbert Cabizares, Marfe Hermosilla


The dataset contains the extracted acoustic signal features of tall Philippine coconut fruits. There are a total of 129 coconut samples that were tapped uniformly on their three side ridges. Acoustic signals acquired from each ridge are recorded, having a total of 387 acoustic signals. The coconut_acoustic signals.csv shows the acoustic features of coconuts. The dataset is divided into three sheets: ‘Ridge A’, ‘Ridge B’, and ‘Ridge C’. Acoustic signals in each sheet are labeled with their corresponding sample number and their maturity level classification. There are three maturity levels used with their respective maturity level code (im: ‘premature’, m: ‘mature’, om: ‘overmature’). There are 8, 36, and 85 coconut samples per maturity level, respectively. The dataset can be used for machine learning procedures and the classification of coconuts according to their maturity levels based on their acoustic features.



University of San Jose Recoletos


Machine Learning, Fruit, Classification System, Acoustic Signal Processing, Horticultural Techniques, Coconut