Imputing Away the Ladder

Published: 5 Nov 2018 | Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/hxm3kny7rg.1

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This data contains two different data-sets used in our paper "Imputing Away the Ladder". The first part - 'SNA's - contains multiple time-series (for all countries where available) for GDP under different systems of national accounts (SNA 68, SNA 93 and SNA 2008). Growth rates are also calculated for each series, to show the difference between the standards on the growth trajectory of each country (and on assessing convergence between any pair of countries). The series are based on the raw data from the United Nations database "Main Aggregates and Detailed Tables", Table 102.

The second part - 'NMVA' - applies Basu and Foley's (2013) concept of Narrow-Measured Value-Added (NMVA) to another U.N. data series (constant GDP from the database 'Analysis of Main Aggregates') to derive Core GDP - that is GDP excluding all sectors for which value-added is imputed.

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