Published: 17 July 2018| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/hxpg4mwf3w.1
Maria Cecere


House infestation and relative abundance of T. infestans in domiciles and peridomiciles from 43 to 89 months postintervention (MPI) in Amamá villages. The number of houses sprayed from 43 to 89 MPI Relationship between house spraying with insecticide applied by householders during the preceding year and subsequent house infestation with T. infestans at time t (as determined by TMC) according to type of habitat (domicile and peridomicile) in Amamá villages over 4-8 years postintervention. House spraying with insecticides during the year that followed the detection of T. infestans (as determined by TMC) in Amamá villages. Annual domestic infestation with T. infestans and relative sensitivity according to detection method and year postintervention in Amamá villages.