Data for: A common parentage - Low abundance trace element data of gem diamonds reveals similar fluids to fibrous diamonds

Published: 31 March 2020| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/hy8ttmzd6n.1
Mandy Krebs


Trace element abundances (ppb) determined for fluids in the high-purity gem Victor, and near-gem Newlands and Finsch diamonds. Quantification is achieved via normalization to the weight loss of the diamond crystals during ablation. Limits of detection and quantification are for Victor diamonds only and are in ppt are based on a large representative blank set (n = 13). Limits of detection and quantification for Newlands and Finsch can be found in McNeill et al., 2009. (Note: ≤LOD: value below 3*σ of the blank value; n/a: no value reported/analyzed; red values: value above LOD (3*σ of the blank value) but below LOQ (7*σ of the blank value). black values: value above LOQ (7*σ of the blank value). The concentration of the samples in ppb is normalized to the wt loss during ablation; LOD and LOQ: values in pg/g.)



Trace Elements