Finite strain analysis - Samples IESP3SP31, IESP3SP34, IESP3SP36, IESP3SP37 and IESP3CH09 (Punta Bianca, La Spezia, Italy)

Published: 3 July 2019| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/hyxw2shy3z.1
Samuele Papeschi


This dataseset contains finite strain analysis data for the samples IESP3SP31, IESP3SP34, IESP3SP36, IESP3SP37 and IESP3CH09 (see details on the SESAR geo samples repository). It includes the high-resolution scans of the polished slabs used for finite strain analysis and the data processed with EllipseFit (copyright: Vollmer, 2014). The samples are monogenic carbonate metabreccia (IESP3SP31 & IESP3SP34), polygenic metabreccia (IESP3SP36 & IESP3SP37) and a vesicled metavolcanite (IESP3CH09). The polished slabs, oriented parallel to the XZ and YZ sections of the finite strain ellipsoid, were processed with EllipseFit (Vollmer, 2015) to estimate the axial ratio Rf and the angle with the foliation (φ) of the deformed strain markers. See Dunnet (1969) and Lisle (1985) for details about the Rf/φ method. Samples were also processed using the Fry (1979) method. Fry graphs are provided for comparison.



Structural Geology, Rheology, Strain Measurement, Deformation Analysis, Deformation Structure, Finite Strain