Data for: Viscous sintering kinetics of biopolymer filaments extruded for 3D printing (Dynamic Mechanical Analysis)

Published: 26 April 2019| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/hz92442nhg.1
Laurent CHAUNIER, eric leroy, Kevin COCHET, denis Lourdin, Guy Della Valle, Anne-Laure Réguerre


Results of Dynamic Mechanical Analysis -DMA- performed on extruded filament based on zein plasticized by 20w% glycerol (diameter_filament = 2 mm; lenght_filament=20mm). The mechanical active length between the two grips is 10 mm. The extrudate is characterized in tensile mode at 1Hz, with strain set at 0.1% and heating rate at 3°C/min. Values are presented for the storage modulus (E', [Pa]), the loss modulus (E'', [Pa]) and the damping factor (tan_delta=E''/E', [-]).



Biopolymer, Thermomechanical Property, Amorphous Material