Hardness Experiment Results for Rubber Agglomerates

Published: 3 April 2019| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/hzzjxpdfmg.2
Bruno Manuel Ribeiro Alves


This research shows 6 experiments in hardness experiments with an Instrom Machine (0.9 KN of indentation charge). A graphic of Force vs deformation is displayed for these 6 experiments produced on Recauchutagem Nortenha SA laboratory, based on the production industrial line, and these six experimental samples were tested at University of Minho laboratory. The points are displayed at 10 pt/sec. The room temperature is at 23°C. The specimens are square shaped with 25 mm width. This data is a part of a special test of a Bachelor final report entitled Optimisation of rubber Agglomerates properties, where aimed thanks to a DOE (Design of Experiments) essay to optimize the properties of rubber agglomerates.


Steps to reproduce

For the rubber agglomerate production: 1- Measure of the quantity of water; 2- Measure of the weight of MDI pré-polymer; 3- Measure of the pré-calculated wieght of rubber grains; 4- Mix of rubber+MDI+water; 5- Pre-heating of the press until 110°C; 6- The formulated materials should be placed on a mould, with a layer of spray of white silicone; 7- When the press temperature is stabilized the sample is placed on during 15 minutes; 8- 15 minutes later the sample is removed from the press;


Universidade do Minho


Rubber, Urea, Isocyanate