Data for: Revisiting the Prebisch-Singer hypothesis of a secular decline in the terms of trade of primary commodities (1900-2016). A dynamic regime approach

Published: 18 December 2018| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/j24mjpcrrz.1
Vincent Geronimi,
Taranco Armand,
Edem Anani


This dataset gather updates (1900-2016) of Pfaffenzeller’s (2103) estimations of the Grilli and Yang Commodity Price Index, or GYCPI, through to 2016 using new data available while remaining as faithful as possible to the solutions identified by Pfaffenzeller et al (2007). The process of updating is exposed in the Working Paper CEMOTEV n°03-2017 (Geronimi, Anani and Taranco, 2017) available at :