MATLAB scripts for processing and post-processing experimental data for "Crystallization and jamming in narrow fluidized beds"

Published: 23 May 2020| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/j28vhs37n8.1


This data presents MATLAB scripts and data in order to reproduce the figures and videos obtained for the article "Crystallization and jamming in narrow fluidized beds"


Steps to reproduce

1) contains all the figures reproduced in the article "Crystallization and jamming in narrow fluidized beds" 2) Names of data and movies are detailed in Data_table.xls 3) contains the experimental movies (compressed) for the processed data for the article "Crystallization and jamming in narrow fluidized beds" 4) Temperature.avi shows a movie of the evolution of the granular temperature of the fluidized bed over time for Test1 during delta t1. 5) Track_scripts folder contains all the matlab scripts to process and post-process the movies obtained from the experiments: 5.a) extract_images.m is used for extracting the images from the .mov movies 5.b) Prova_ondas.m is used to make the instantaneous snapshots of the tests. 5.c) find_particles_David.m is used to detect the particles' positions over time, this works together with particle_positions_David.m, particles_David.m and Tracking_David folder. 5.d) particle_tracking_David_Ouellette.m is used to track the particles, get the instantaneous velocities, rms velocities and granular temperature along time. . 5.e) Height_phi.m is used to track the height of the granular bed over time. 5.f) Data_post_processing.m are used to obtain all the figures. 5.g) Criz_jamm_int.m is used to plot the figures for crystallization jamming and volcano intensities.


Universidade Estadual de Campinas


Granular Material, Crystallization, Temperature, Particle Tracking