Data for: Psychological Distress, Misconception and Commuting Tendency among Greater Jakarta Area Residents during COVID-19 Pandemic and Community Containment

Published: 31 May 2020| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/j2ky9mj2bd.1
Aly Lamuri,
Sylvia Detri Elvira,
dr.Petrin Redayani SpKJ, MPd. Ked,
Khamelia Malik,
Hamzah Shatri,
Murdani Abdullah


Data acquired from an online survey, conducted from 5-20 May 2020. This data aimed to evaluate psychological wellbeing among Greater Jakarta Area residents using DASS-21, where we implemented linear regression to estimate such score using sociodemographic data. We also addressed misconception regarding COVID-19 and estimate correct / incorrect responses using Poisson regression models. Finally, we confirm the presence of communities with different commuting tendency using a graph-based analysis.



Universitas Indonesia


Psychology, Psychiatry, Public Health, Graph Theory, Health Literacy