FIPA algorithm (python code)

Published: 28 March 2024| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/j2mbfgj8h2.1
Mashitah Hussain


FIPA is executing regarding SPV penetration fluctuation rate for every point of 1-minute temporal resolution and varies with load demand. In this investigation, LSSPV is connected to the IEEE 39 bus system via bus 32 for initial condition. In conclusion FIPA used to move the whole network including load demand regarding to intermittency LSSPV. With this proposed technique, the adaptable and resilient infrastructure can be improved especially in high variability of RES. Besides, this approach will enable utility providers, distributed generator teams, and financial departments to assess and address issues related to electricity prices and the quality of supply in the solar photovoltaic (SPV) sector. The integration of renewable energy into the generation and distribution system can achieve sustainability goals and address climate change. Please cite any of this paper for credit: 1. Title: An innovative FIPA computerization for intermittency LSSPV generation reconfiguration Author: mashitah mohd hussain 2. Title: Investigation of Critical Time Analysis Considering Shunt Compensation Interconnecting WECC SPV Model Author: mashitah mohd hussain 3. Title: Short Term Forecasting of Electrical Consumption Using A NeuralNetwork: Joint Approximate Diagonal Eigenvalue Author: mashitah mohd hussain For detailed information/code please email me:


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Universiti Teknologi MARA


Electrical Engineering, Electricity, Network System Software, Large-Scale Renewable Energy Integration


Fundamental Research Grant Scheme (Malaysia Government)