Dataset of traditional desserts originating from Bangladesh

Published: 18 March 2024| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/j2pnx2mwwk.1
Mushfiqur Rahman,


Dataset Description: This is a dataset for the comprehensive collection of structured information encompassing a wide array of traditional desserts originating from Bangladesh. This dataset includes details such as the names of desserts. In this dataset, there is a comprehensive compilation of high-quality images capturing the rich diversity of traditional desserts from Bangladesh. The dataset includes a diverse range of traditional Bangladeshi desserts, showcasing the richness and variety of the country's culinary heritage. This may encompass sweets made from ingredients like milk, rice flour, semolina, coconut, and various fruits. The dataset undergoes curation and quality control processes to ensure its reliability and usefulness. This involves removing duplicates, irrelevant or low-quality images, and ensuring proper labeling and categorization of the images. The dataset is typically organized in a structured format for easy access and usage. This may involve categorizing images into folders or directories based on the dessert name. Additionally, the dataset may be provided in a standardized file format ( “jpg” ) with accompanying metadata files for each image. Usage: The usage of this dataset can be diverse and beneficial in several fields. Researchers in the field of computer vision can utilize the dataset for training and evaluating machine learning models. By leveraging deep learning techniques, these models can be trained to recognize and classify Bangladeshi desserts in images. This can have applications in automated food recognition, dietary analysis, and food recommendation systems. Researchers interested in dietary habits and nutritional analysis can use the dataset to study the nutritional content of Bangladeshi desserts and their impact on health. Data Sources: Some data has been collected from different sweet shops in Dhaka. The rest were collected from Brahmanbaria. These are the homemade desserts of Brahmanbaria. Dataset Size: There are 27 folders with 27 different images of Bangladeshi desserts. Each folder has a minimum of 100 images. There are a total of 4,118 images.



Daffodil International University


Computer Vision, Image Classification