Wood modification simulation results

Published: 01-02-2019| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/j2wb76ys8c.1
Falk Wittel


Full dataset of swelling behavior and all components of the stiffness tensor for a spruce wood model with 3 different kinds of generic modifications with various extent, stiffness of modifying agents and moisture ranging form 0-20% wood moisture content. Full description of modifications in Diego F. Mora Mendez, Samuel O. Olaniran, Markus Rüggeberg, Ingo Burgert, Hans J. Herrmann, and Falk K. Wittel: Mechanical behavior of chemically modi ed Norway spruce; Part 2: A generic hierarchical model for wood modi cations, submitted 2018


Steps to reproduce

Matlab structs with embedded descriptions. Open with Matlab and select the required data.