Imagery datasets for photobiological lighting analysis of architectural models with shading panels (No. 1)

Published: 17 May 2022| Version 3 | DOI: 10.17632/j4zzgfy8gy.3


This repository includes imagery datasets captured inside an architectural model aimed at exploring the impact of shading panels on photobiological lighting parameters. The architectural model represents a generic space at 1:10 scale with a single side fully glazing façade used to install shading panels. The datasets present interior lighting conditions under different shading configurations in terms of surface colors and glossiness, horizontal and vertical orientations and upwards, downwards, and left/right inclinations of panels, V-shape opening, low to high densities, and top and bottom positions at the window. The experiments of shading panel configurations were conducted under four to six different exterior overcast daylighting conditions simulated with very cool to very warm color temperatures and high to low intensities inside an artificial sky chamber. The dataset is compiled as part of a doctoral dissertation in architecture at Laval University authored by Mojtaba Parsaee, supervised by Claude MH Demers, Marc Hébert, Jean-François Lalonde. The description of the datasets and experimental conditions and procedures are fully explained in the companion paper published with the same title in Data In Brief.


Steps to reproduce

Please refer to the companion paper published in Data In Brief to read about the experimental conditions and procedures.


Universite Laval


Computer Vision, Image Processing, Image Database, Color, Photobiology, Building Design, Lighting, Daylighting, Building Envelope, Building Facade, Building Material, Building Lighting, Bioclimatic Architecture