MSN Messenger traffic traces and time series (TCP port 1863)

Published: 21 January 2017| Version 3 | DOI: 10.17632/j5spg2yzxk.3
Antonio Pescape',


MSN Messenger traffic traces and time series (TCP port 1863) The archives contain both packet-level traffic traces and the corresponding (packet size and inter-packet time) time series. They were passively captured during the last week of April 2006. The archives contain both outbound and inbound data related to MSN switchboard traffic. The link observed is a link at 200Mbps connecting the University of Napoli "Federico II" network to the rest of the Internet. These traces are in tcpdump format. Packet lenghts are variable because, for each packet, we stored full TCP headers including optional headers (e.g. MSS). Because of privacy concerns, IP addresses have been replaced preserving network membership. When refering to our Traffic Traces, please cite the following references: A. Dainotti, A. Pescapè, P. Salvo Rossi, F. Palmieri, G. Ventre, "Internet Traffic Modeling by means of Hidden Markov Models"; Computer Networks (Elsevier), Volume 52, Issue 14, 9 October 2008, Pages 2645-2662.



Network (Computer Science), Internet, Access Network, Networking