The Stream Daylighting Literature Review & The Stream Daylighting and Climate Change Literature Review Datasets (Datasets I and II)

Published: 22 September 2020| Version 3 | DOI: 10.17632/j5zfp5vdz4.3
, Nathan Woodcock


These two datasets spread over two Microsoft Excel Documents. The first, The Stream Daylighting Literature Review Dataset (Dataset I) compiles information gathered from a systematic review of the literature sources on the daylighting of streams. In total, we reviewed 115 English language sources (with one exception: a Swiss-German Report on the City of Zürich's unique daylighting policy). The systematic review was combined with content analysis to extract from these sources the latent content in reference to the sources' less obvious characteristics and information that can be uncovered only by a thorough reading of each source’s text. This "Stream Daylighting Literature Review Dataset" also dubbed by our research team as Dataset I, is in the form of a Microsoft Excel document spreading over seven separate sheets that are united by a unique primary key (PK) number for each literature source. Dataset I consists in total of 19 variables that we extracted from the 115 literature sources of which 10 are manifest data in reference to the literature’s obvious and indisputable attributes, such as: authors’ names and affiliations, title and year of the source’s publication. The remaining nine are extracted from the sources’ latent content through careful reading, leading to notes that are then transferred and coded in the Excel document. The research team collected the latent data around four subject matters, namely: the literature sources’ underlying themes and sub-themes, the daylighting case studies/projects discussed, and the geographic coverage or scope addressed in the literature sources. Dataset I served as the backbone for the research project’s dashboard produced in Tableau --i.e., one of the manifestations of Dataset I in the form of visual analyses, which can be viewed through the following links: and/or!/ The second, The Stream Daylighting and Climate Change Literature Review Dataset (Dataset II) delves deeper into one of the latent content variables extracted from the literature’s sources namely, the climate change theme. Dataset II identifies how the 16 literature sources on stream daylighting discuss climate change, specifically: 1) How is stream daylighting addressed in relation to climate change in these sources? And how do these literature sources tackle climate adaptation and/or mitigation? This Dataset II is in the form of a Microsoft Excel document organized over nine columns. The PK number, each source's unique number, connects Datasets I and II. Role of the funding source: The funding for this research project was provided by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC) under file number 435-2016-0243. SSHRC was not involved in the study design nor in the collection, analysis and interpretation of data.


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Note: The primary key (PK) number, each source's unique number, connects Datasets I and II.


University of Waterloo


Urban Planning, Ecosystem Services, River Ecosystem, Urban Landscape, Urban Ecology, Landscape Architecture, Climate Change Adaptation, Stormwater Management, Urbanization, River, Daylighting, Urban Landscape Ecohydrology, Stream