Forward Kinematics of a 5-DOF Delta-type Parallel Manipulator. MATLAB Script

Published: 12 September 2022| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/j6c63s927b.1
Anton Antonov,


This dataset presents a MATLAB m-file that solves the forward kinematic problem for a 5-DOF Delta-type parallel manipulator, based on the 4-DOF robot, introduced in paper in Fig. 4 of the paper (one can also consider paper or for the original version in Russian). The 5-DOF manipulator differs from the 4-DOF one by an additional RUPUR kinematic chain, that provides the output link with an additional rotational DOF. The corresponding paper describing the manipulator design and the applied forward kinematics algorithm is going to appear soon: please check the list of works at The dataset includes script "fkp.m," which includes three sections: 1. Symbolic calculations. This section generates symbolic expressions used in the subsequent numerical computations. 2. Numerical calculations. This section considers an example of forward kinematics. 3. Inverse kinematics. This section checks the solutions obtained in the previous step.


Steps to reproduce

The script have been obtained in MATLAB R2020a using standard functions and requires Symbolic Math Toolbox ( to be reproduced. The script can be run using "Run" or "Run and Advance" commands in the "Editor" tab. Each section can be run using the "Run and Advance" command: 1. Section "Symbolic calculations" can be run once to generate the required symbolic expressions. 2. Section "Numerical calculations" can be run several times. One can adjust geometrical parameters and input values if necessary. 3. Section "Inverse kinematics" is optional.


Institut masinovedenia imeni A A Blagonravova Rossijskoj akademii nauk, Moscow State Technical University N E Bauman


Mechanical Engineering, Robotics, Kinematics, Parallel Manipulator, Kinematics of Mechanism, Theoretical Kinematics