Handwritten Baybayin Symbols Dataset

Published: 7 April 2020| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/j6cgcfys77.1
Mark Jovic Daday


The Baybayin or “Alibata” became existing around year 1200’s. Baybayin was also approved in the house of congress in the Philippines to be a national writing system of the Philippines with a House bill No. of 1022. The extinct symbols are classified as syllabaries in the study of writing systems. The Philippine syllabaries have 17 signs representing 14 consonants which composed of ba, da, ka, ga, la, ha, ma, nga, na, sa, pa, wa, ya, ta, and 3 standalone vowels composes of a, i, and u at some late point the Mangyan’s added ra. The dataset contains 36,000 handwritten baybayin symbols data set.


Steps to reproduce

I gathered 100 respondents to make a baybayin symbols from scratch, after the data gathering I've scanned it and crop each symbols then saved in a folder.


Technological Institute of the Philippines


Ancestral Character