Maple software code for study of linear waves interaction with a vertical permeable cylinder of arbitrary cross-section based on perturbation theory

Published: 16 March 2023| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/j6cv53zz2z.1
Ataollah Gharechae,


Vertical permeable cylinders are interesting structures with broad applications in the marine industry, such as breakwaters, and marine fish farming. This Maple Software code studies linear waves incident to a vertical permeable cylinder with arbitrary cross-section based on the boundary element method and perturbation theory. Considering a near-zero thickness for the permeable media, and using Darcy's law, the governing equation for the wave incident to a porous circular cylinder is derived based on the boundary element method. Then using perturbation theory and considering a small parameter epsilon denoting the variation of cylinder radius from circular ones, the corresponding equations were expanded for non-circular cylinders. The developed method was applied to ellipse-shaped and rectangular cylinders. The wave forces and the wave strength inside the cylinder under a variety of parameters such as wavenumber, and porosity parameter were studied. One application of these research results is a better understanding of the behavior of non-circular aquaculture cages in sea waves.



Chabahar Maritime University


Computer Software