3D reconstruction data used to perform selection task

Published: 10 Oct 2019 | Version 9 | DOI: 10.17632/j6sdxytt46.9

Description of this data

In the selection task, participants had to select the region of interest (a specified vessel segment) as explained in the "Experiment_description.pdf" file. They were asked to manipulate (i.e., translate, rotate and scale) a 3D box widget, initially positioned such that the region of interest covered all vessel structures displayed on the screen.

Three 3D model files ("level1.vtk", "level2.vtk" and "level.3 vtk") were used to define three complexity levels of the selection task: Level 1 (simple) — one vessel; Level 2 (average) — two closely located vessels; Level 3 (complex) — three vessels, where two vessels are located close to each other.

This project was funded by the University of Amsterdam and NWO.

Experiment data files

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