Data for: Better Forecasting by ERCOT has Reduced the ORDC LOLP Even As Intermittent Generation Capacity has Increased

Published: 26 October 2018| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/j72pwzv4v4.1
Richard Wakeland


ERCOT 2015 data. ERCOT 30 minute and 60 minute adder values Thermal generation, ORDC distributions, reserve levels in five minute increments. Calculations of each adder value. The ERCOT data is just the actual data. The data set includes the underlying calculations producing values matching ERCOT's data when all parameters are the same. Allowance is made for the user to adjust ORDC LOLP parameters by increasing MCL or by shifting the mean error to calculate new adder values. The total adder contribution for the year is tabulated for comparison with the actual 2015 data. This provides the user the ability to see what the effect would be if the minimum contingency level was changed, or if the mean error was shifted. Additionally, the user can select three options for how the 30 minute mean error would shift, relative to the shift of the 60 minute mean error.



Energy Engineering