Chemical screen for regulators of osteoblast dedifferentiation and regenerative growth during zebrafish fin regeneration

Published: 19-11-2019| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/j73ppf53pv.1
Gilbert Weidinger


Caudal fins of bglap:GFP transgenic juvenile zebrafish were amputated and fins imaged at 0 dpa (immediately after amputation) and at 3 dpa in GFP and brightfield channels. Fish were incubated in small molecules with known biological activity from 1 hour prio to amputation until 3 dpa with daily solution change. Loss of GFP expression between 0 and 3 dpa, which is a readout for osteoblast dedifferentiation, and regenerative growth (lenght of the regenerate on brightfield images) was quantified. The entire Enzo Screen-Well ICCB Known Bioactives Library and plates 1-13 (1063 compounds) of the MicroSource Spectrum collection library were screend. 4 validation screens were performed with candidates from the primary screen. EnzoLibrary = Enzo Library Annotation EnzoLibrary_ScreenI = primary screen data for Enzo library MicroSourceLibrary = MicroSourceLibrary Annotation MicroSourceLibrary_ScreenI = primary screen data for MicroSource library ValidationScreen = screen data for compounds from both libraries that were validated in screens 2, 3, 4, 5