Using Video Testimonials as a Social Marketing Intervention in Adolescent Smoking Cessation Programs

Published: 26 February 2024| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/j7dc7tjpgd.1
Eko Fitrianto Mohammad,


This study aimed to examine the effects of the antecedent and moderator variables of empathic concern on altruistic motivation in context of adolescent smoking prevention. We designed a school-based smoking cessation program as a social marketing intervention tool to influence high-school student behavior using a testimonial video. A simulation with a hypothetical scenario was conducted to observe students’ reactions to the stimulus. Participants were shown a testimonial video of a young individual suffering due to smoking, and were asked to imagine such consequences happening to their own peers. The program development started in June 2022, and was implemented in August-September 2022. A total 78 students from two experimental studies was participated. We recorded the video testimony in a high-definition format (full HD 1080p/60fps) using a Sony Alpha 6000. Video editing was performed using Camtasia Studio 2019 in mp4 format. The implications of this research suggest that schools, as organizations, can utilize a multimedia approach (e.g., video testimonials) to design comprehensive social marketing programs focused on peer relationships.



Marketing, Social Marketing


Universitas Gadjah Mada

Grant Number: 1525/UN1/DITLIT/Dit-Lit/PT.01.05/2022