The Goals Approach Related Work

Published: 29 December 2018| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/j7mc9jp7vr.1
Pedro Valente


Methods which include a business process design, and a software architecture which models a user interface, or alternatively, the business logic and database. Matching of the methods with the Zachman Framework. Results of Systematic Comparison (MVC). Columns: SF: Associated Scientific Fields Method: Method Name Source: 1. Empirical Development (TGA); 2. Formalization (TGA); 3. Peer-Review of Submissions; 4. Citing Source; 5. Search Engine Source String: String associated with the source Year: Year of publication Citations: Numer of citations Title: Title of publication Reference: Reference SDM: Software Development Method B&S: Models Business and Software BDM: Business Development Method SC: If chosen for systematic comparison what-planner: ZF Cell how-planner: ZF Cell where-planner: ZF Cell who-planner: ZF Cell when-planner: ZF Cell why-planner; Belief: ZF Cell; TGA concept what-owner; DE: ZF Cell; TGA concept how-owner; BP: ZF Cell; TGA concept where-owner; LI & LV: ZF Cell; TGA concept where-owner; IX: ZF Cell; TGA concept who-owner; Actor: ZF Cell; TGA concept when-owner: ZF Cell why-owner: ZF Cell what-designer: ZF Cell how-designer; UT: ZF Cell; TGA concept where-designer; AS: ZF Cell; TGA concept who-designer: ZF Cell when-designer: ZF Cell why-designer; BR: ZF Cell; TGA concept what-builder: ZF Cell how-builder; UIntention: ZF Cell; TGA concept where-builder; IC: ZF Cell; TGA concept who-builder: ZF Cell when-builder: ZF Cell why-builder; UISR: ZF Cell; TGA concept why-builder; BDSR: ZF Cell; TGA concept what-implem.: ZF Cell how-implem.; Uinteraction: ZF Cell; TGA concept where-implem.; IO: ZF Cell; TGA concept who-builder: ZF Cell when-implem.: ZF Cell why-implem.: ZF Cell ZF Cell Count: ZF Covered Cells V: View Traceability C: Controller Traceability M: Model Traceability


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Software Engineering Method, Software Development, Requirements Management