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Published: 04-02-2021| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/j7rj8dbdjj.1


In order to show the relevance of patient’s inflammatory status regarding the prognosis of PAD, the primary endpoint was to establish the correlation between pre-operative pro-inflammatory biomarkers represented by NLR, LMR and PLR with short-term mortality at 6-months. The association between the pre-operative PNI with short-term mortality at 6-months revealing the impact of nutritional status. As secondary endpoints, the correlation between pre-operative biomarkers with major amputation at 6 months and hospital stay were studied. This study analyzes the prognostic value of PNI in patients with CLTI, and our findings suggest that PNI is a useful predictor for short-term mortality with high sensitivity and specificity rates (72.2% and 70.4%, respectively) and could be a helpful tool to predict the risk of major amputations. Additionally, it can be calculated routinely and effortlessly in patients diagnosed with CLTI in our daily clinical practice.