Data for: Contrasting patterns of diversification between Amazonian and Atlantic forest clades of Neotropical lianas (Amphilophium, Bignonieae) inferred from plastid genomic data

Published: 5 January 2019| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/j8fvtp4bhr.1
Veronica Thode, Lucia Lohmann, ISABEL SANMARTIN


File: "run_Amphilophium_nowide_simplex-nodist-epoch.Rev" RevBayes script. Runs an epoch model with distance_rate equal to 1 (not scaled); cladogenetic event probabilities are set as a flat prior simplex (probabilities sum to 1) and the relative probabilities of the different events are equal: simplex(1,1). THIS IS THE EQUIVALENT TO DEC stratified (M1) used in the paper. File: “times.txt” file. input for stratified model (M1) in RevBaye script. It sets the ages for the time slices (29 Ma to 13 Ma, 13 Ma to 0 Ma in the paper). Files: "amp.connectivity.1.txt" and "amp.connectivity.2.txt" input for stratified model (M1) in RevBaye script.Probability matrices for each epoch (1= 29 Ma to 13 Ma, 2 =13 Ma to 0 Ma).