Data for: Tracing changes in monsoonal precipitation using Mg isotopes in Chinese loess deposits

Published: 24 March 2020| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/j965m65fjh.1
Kang-Jun Huang


Table 1. Location of Holocene soil and desert samples, and the mean annual precipitation (MAP) and temperature (MAT) for each site, and the magnetic susceptibility (χ). The climate data are the average for 1960-2010 and the units for χ are 10-8m3kg-1. Lon. and Lat. are longitude and latitude, respectively. Taklimakan Desert (TK), Tengger Desert (TG), Badain Jaran Desert (BJ), and Mongolian Gobi (MG). Table 2. Mg isotopic composition and elemental data for acid-leached fractions from desert samples, a spatial series of Holocene soils, and a loess-paleosol sequence and carbonate nodules from the Weinan (WN) section. BHVO-2, BCR-2 and Seawater are standard samples.



Statistical Tables